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Usa Truck Enters Into New Cooperation Agreements With Baker Street And Stone House - Yahoo Finance

Kim Kardashian Once the registration statement is declared effective, the Company anticipates conducting a road show with respect to the Baker Street and Stone House shares. We are pleased to have reached agreements with Baker Street and Stone House, said USA Truck Chairman Robert A. Peiser. We believe this will allow us to preserve the stability of the USA Truck board while the Company continues to execute its turnaround plan and more fully realizes the potential of its business model. In addition, we believe that providing the flexibility for Baker Street and Stone House to reduce their positions in the future in an orderly manner, would best serve the interests of all USA Truck stockholders. Stone Houses Mark Cohen said: We are very pleased by the operating and financial improvements made by John Simone and the USA Truck team. As USAKs share price has increased by almost 150% since we invested nearly a year and a half ago, portfolio management considerations have motivated our decision to ask USAK to register a portion of our shares giving us the flexibility to trim our holdings in the future. As the turnaround plan begins to take hold, we are happy to remain its top shareholder. The terms of the 2015 Cooperation Agreements were approved Kim Kardashian by the USA Truck board of directors (other than representatives of Baker Street and Stone House, who abstained) after consultation with independent legal counsel and http://whitneykvoh.sosblogs.com an independent financial advisor.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/usa-truck-enters-cooperation-agreements-105000107.html

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