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Germany?s New Policy Plan Puts The Us On Catch Up - Yahoo News

Translation: We speak for Europe and will act accordingly. Intent: to give Europe more influence in world affairs. http://www.23hq.com/thomaslbyn/story/20352777 Related: Billions Flow Back Into European Equities As Revenue Outlook Improves I read a declaration that Europes going to turn its preferences into policies and advance them with more determination than it has to date. The ready-to-hand example is the Ukraine crisis. It has been clear for some http://willqkhk.wordpress.com time that Europe doesnt want more sanctions imposed on Russiapro forma measures to oblige the U.S. notwithstandingand it doesnt want to arm Ukraine. On these and other such questions, Steinmeier may well have put the Obama administration http://masonlayd.beeplog.com on notice: Its more-explicit resistance from here on out. The transparency question. I find this especially innovative.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germany-policy-plan-puts-us-104500562.html

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